Sunday, 20 January 2013

Busty Red Riding Hood and a Werewolf!

A busty maiden has sex with a hung werewolf!

When big-busted Red Riding Hood ventures into the woods with a basket of goodies for grandma, the werewolf wants to get his hands on the goodies beneath her blouse. But when he gets to grandma's house, he discovers she's a lustful MILF all too willing to take care of him sexually.

Taking grandma gets him even more horny for Red Riding Hood, and when she arrives he finds the huge-busted young woman as lusty as her grandmother.

The werewolf won’t be the only one experiencing Red Riding Hood’s delights...when the woodsman arrives, he soon gets to grips with the busty young woman and her outsized assets. 

The menage between Red, the werewolf, and the woodsman is something you never read in any fairy tale! Red lets the two of them take her together in a double penetration scene.

WARNING: Contains graphic descriptions of fairytale sex with a busty young woman, including lactation, double-penetration, shapeshifting, and ménage.

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