Sunday, 20 January 2013

Forced To Breed With The Dungeon Beasts 3

Mrs Julie Fennel is a nurse living in the village of Slaybury. She knew Grayson Highfield once and now he needs her help. He needs a nurse to help Amy, Sally and Jennifer give birth to their monster babies.

Julie isn't so sure but Grayson and his monsters have methods of persuasion that will give the sexy nurse an experience she will never forget.

6,500 Words


A masculine odour came from the monster and smelling it made her relax slightly and feel another sensation rise within her body: lust. In a primitive way, this creature was more of a male than Kirk would ever be. And the size of his cock! No woman could hope to find a human man with an appendage so big and thick and tasty-looking. Her nipples became fully erect beneath the red silk night gown, tightening almost painfully into twin hard towers. Her pussy...the pussy Kirk didn't want anymore...quivered with desire and became hot and wet in preparation for that huge monster member.

The creature stood watching her, knowing the effect it had on her senses. Julie looked into its eyes and opened her legs slightly, giving it a view of her darkly-haired pussy. 'You want this, Big Boy?' She opened her legs further to display her wet slit and the folds of her pussy lips. 'You want to put that big cock in here?'

Big Boy didn't speak but his cock twitched excitedly. His leathery green ball sack hung tight beneath the thick shaft.

Julie slid off the bed and went to him. His head nearly touched the bedroom ceiling and her own head came to his lower chest so she had to crane her beck to look up into his eyes. As she did so, she let her hand drop to his erection, gasping as her fingers touched the swollen veiny shaft. She circled her fingers around it and stroked up to the bulbous head before gliding back down to the root where she moved her hand underneath to cup the heavy balls. They were the size of tennis balls and she wondered how much cum the creature would unleash when he came.

She trailed her had up the underside of the shaft and back up over the head, her palm finding a big drop of precum and using it to grease up the cock head. Another drop of precum appeared and she massaged it into the beast's sensitive flesh until his cock and her hand and wrist glistened with his excited juices.

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