Saturday, 2 June 2012

Taken By The Wendigo 3

Part 3 of the Wendigo series

After reading about a hot monster gangbang in Aunt Beth's journal, Kate and Maria wonder if they should share their secret with Jason.

Soon, they don't have a choice as Crypto Explorers Inc show up at Wild Lake. The Explorers are investigating the sightings of sasquatch-type creatures seen in the area over the years. They want fame and they want to achieve it by finding evidence of the Wendigo's existence.

In a sexual encounter with four of the creatures, Jason has a first-time gay experience with a male. After the monster cum has been unloaded over Jason, Maria and Kate, a problem arises: Jenny, the geeky BBW, and Fleur, the tattooed punk, from Crypto Explorers Inc are approaching the Wendigo Cave.

Will they reveal all to the world or will they be fucked by monster cocks?

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