Monday, 19 March 2012

Is Fantasy Fiction Too Tame?

The title says it all. Is fantasy fiction too tame? I remember looking at the colorful array of fantasy paperbacks in my local second hand book store. The covers of those books displayed pictures of manly warriors with thick solid muscles and women with large breasts and enticing curves. These women might be slaves, princesses, sorceresses or damsels in distress but they all had one thing in common - they were voluptuous and looked as if they knew exactly how to use their bodies to reward their rescuers/heroes.

The sexual current sparking from those covers rarely found its way into the stories themselves.

The artists - people like Frazetta and Vallejo - found a way to display something primal in their art. Using fantasy motifs, they could explore human sexuality in its rawest form. These images spoke to the readers browsing the shelves and the primal part of the picture spoke ot the primal part of the reader.

Look at some of these covers and be aware of the feelings these depictions of raw power and sexuality arouse within you. The men are hard and strong, the women soft and willing.

If these lands of fantasy were real, wouldn't the tales that told the lives of their inhabitants involve violence and sex? Wouldn't there be savagery, slavery and screwing?

Demographic studies suggest that fantasy fiction is read mainly by adults. Yet apart from some examples such as George RR Martin's 'Song of Ice and Fire' series and the magazine Heavy Metal which described itself as 'the illustrated adult fantasy magazine', most fantasy today seems to require a sanitized version of what would really happen in worlds where magical artefacts are sought by evil sorcerers or power games are played by kings and lords.

I intend to explore facets of fantasy fiction which have only been hinted at. I want to bring those raw sexual images to the pages as well as the covers.

I want readers of my stories to willingly enter a world where the heroes have testosterone roaring through their veins and the women are busty and beautiful and always willing...

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