Monday, 7 May 2012

More Wendigo Sex

A.J. Hamilton has released a sequel to her 'Taken By The Wendigo.'  This one was hot with girl-on-girl action, a nice gangbang where a woman takes 3 Wendigos at the same time, and plenty of anal. In fact, apart from the gangbang,  where every orifice was filled, all the other sex was anal.There are scenes of the girls performing blowjobs on the monsters too.

After her sexual encounter with the Wendigo, Kate shows Aunt Beth's journal to Maria. Her friend becomes so aroused by reading the journal and by the Wendigo stains on Kate's panties that the two girls pleasure each other.

They find a crypic message in Aunt Beth's journal and sneak away from Jason to go to the Wendigo Cave for answers.

What they find there turns into a monster gangbang and both girls end up pleasuring the Wendigo's huge cocks with their tight asses.

ADULT 18+ Contains scenes of monster sex, monster gangbangs, girl on girl action, rough sex, dubious consent and anal sex.


  1. Haven't read such kind of books before. Going to check this series for sure. Thanks.

  2. You're welcome, man. Thanks for visiting my blog.